Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back on the blog or Baby activity mat

I know I have been neglecting this blog for a while, but it's still running. The thing is I have been slowing down since my son doesn't nap anymore, so I make less time.
So I am here to talk to you about my new, finished project : a baby activity mat

activity mat without the arches

Activity mat with the arches, but I didn't take the time to add the toys when I took a picture

As you can see it's an activity mat. I needed to make one and I found some interesting ideas on the web.  I found a tutorial for the arches right here I actually attached the arch with pacifiers clips, like this when this mat needs to be clean, I can always put them on another quilt. This web site inspired me on the shape

I just cut out the circle the same diameter as the hula hoop then assembled both fabric with one layer of bating and turn it back inside out. I did add the legs and ribbons all around it so I could, if I wanted to add toys around. The sheep's head is removable, and could be attached on the arch, or if I want my mat to be another animal, I just need to make another head. The project was quick to do and the result is fun, the longest part was finding the idea. But now I would try to make a lady bug or a lion's head instead.. all sorts of ideas are popping out of  my head, but will probably remain there.

I hope I will be posting a little more, but I am making no promises.

Monday, January 24, 2011

handmade trestles tutorial

It's coming soon, I already have the pictures, but I just have to find the time to make the tutorial Stay tuned.

Monday, January 17, 2011

e-learning, or how to crochet.

My first Waldorf doll

For Christmas, I order a Waldorf
Waldorf doll hair in the making
 kit (also known by the name of Steiner dolls) form (it's a French web site)  to Santa (aka my parents in law).

I really had fun with it and can't wait to make a second one. I didn't have any particular difficulties making the body and the head, even though the head seemed really hard to make when I looked at the explanations on internet, well, let me tell you something, it's not as complicated as it seems. Never the less, I did have a big challenge, I had to learn how to crochet in order to make the wig, and that took me a while, I know how to knit but not how to crochet. So I simply googled it, and was able to learn form some videos on line. First the chain stitch, (the first 8 stiches only) thanks to this video Then, I had a hard time understanding what I needed to do in the pattern until I saw this video,, I didn't make a square thing, but  it made me understand the pattern.  It took me a while to make the crochet part of the wig, and I had to star over again more times than I will admit, but I am proud to say that I made my doll all by myself, and by hand (I made it at my parents in law and there are no sewing machine there so I didn't have a choice).

I know I should write a post about the other Christmas things I made, but I forgot to take pictures, and my sister still has not sent me the pictures so you will have to wait.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Something new

Imaginarium spiral train set

Today, no post about sewing, or quilting, but I just wanted to show you what my father in law made for my son to complete his Christmas present.
My son got two sets of wooden trains for Christmas, and I would have liked to have something like the spiral train set from imaginarium (or roller coaster set from thomas the train). So with my father in law, we tryed to see if we could come up with the trestles (I had to look that word up) and this is what I imagined and my father in law built. There are a couple of things that I will do differently next time to improve what we came up with (and I will probably make a tutorial for it since I was not able to find one on the web).
handmade trestles to make a spiral/roller coaster from any wooden train set
Thanks again to my father in law, my son had a lot of fun with it yesterday.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Finally Santa's workshop can reveal it's secrets

Overview of quiet book
I know this is the moment you all have been waiting for since Christmas, and it has finally arrived: I can show you what I have been doing for Christmas.

I wanted to show  you right after Christmas, but due to special circumstances ( Paris does not know how to handle a little snow), the gifts only made it to my  nephews a couple of days ago. So you will get three posts, ant this one is the project I am the most eager to show you. It's a quiet book. It took me a while to do, not that there are a lot of technical difficulties, but apart from the mitten, I made most of the models myself (some where more than greatly inspired by what I saw on the web, but I made the patterns myself). When I started this project, I wanted several things including a zipper, snaps and buttons, and the picture shows you what I decided to do. I also wanted every thing to be attached one way or another to avoid loosing any parts (apart from the wheels, that are easy to do). I won't talk to much about it since I know you are all busy with the New year.

The mitten, is my least favorite page, but my nephew seemed to be having fun with it,
so I guess that was a success, I will give you the link to the pattern very soon (I will just edit this page)

These two pages are my favorite, I wanted something very personal for the car,and the 2CV
Charleston is my bother's in law car, and I thought it would be a nice touch.
The wheel eating monster, was inspired by a pattern that I saw on ESTY.

Peek a boo page. My son had fun playing with it. He of course was my beta tester for the entire book

I saw this idea on more than one quiet book, most where made with velcro,
but I wanted to try the snaps.

Aquarium inspired by one of my friend's quiet book,
Ok, not really one of my friend's quiet book, but more like her son's.

Happy New year 2011!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where magic happens or sewing workshop part 2

Last week, I talked to you about my sewing room, well this week I am going to do it again. Since I can't talk about what is happening in my workshop I have to find another subject. When I showed you my workshop last week I didn't tell you about all the details on how I keep my things organized, so I'm going to show you some things I found. Of course I used things that I could find at home

Tuna cans:
they are a great way to organize my boxes
and to find my pins, an notions...

Curtain hooks: 
As I told you last week they help me hold
my siccors, rotary cutters, quilt rullers...
and of course this picture is upside down 

Toilet paper rolls:
Yes, you can do many thing with those,
 beside the obvious, but once you finished
 the toilet paper of course, and I found that they
 were great to organize my patterns

Cable ties:
in case you were wondering what I used to
 hold the cans, well at home I had cable ties
 (at least I think that's what they are called)
laying around and I love to use them for
that sort of thing.
 and this is what it looks like up close from the back

Well of course my workshop gets
dirty very quickly, and if I don't
want all the mess to go every where in
 the house, I have to vacuum, but what is
 more annoying than vacuuming, well cables
 in your way so this is what
 I did so I didn't have to move the cables

Spice rack:
I use it to store my buttons, and other stuff
since I don't want to have to get them out
to discover what is in it I tape one item on the

Monday, November 29, 2010

Where magic happens or sewing workshop

sewing workshop
Since today I can't tell you what I have been working on this week,  I wanted to show you where it all happens. As some of you know and most of you don't, I use to have my sewing room in my cold cold not so welcoming basement, but recently, we decided to rearrange the rooms upstairs and that's when I got my sewing room. Ever since it has been  up there, I have been very productive, in fact, a couple of weeks after moving the room upstairs I decided to write this blog. In these pictures, you will notice how clean and ordered it all seems, well that's an optical illusion (really, isn't it well done). No really it doesn't look like that often and you should see it after I have worked on a project for a while (or even a couple of hours, sometimes less), but it does look like sometimes when I want to start a project, but it does not last long.

I have a big cutting table, where the left side does not stay uncluttered very long and a small table where I have my sewing machine (Husqvarna  Viking Platinum 735). The shelf are perfect for storing my cotton fabric, (I should specify prewashed, since as soon as I buy the fabric I  prewash it so I don't have to ask myself if they are prewashed, I just know) and the feature I love the most is the pegboard that we put on the side of the shelf. I never lose my scissor or my rotary blade with it. The hooks are not peg board hooks but curtain hooks I had at home, I just bend them a bit more with pliers and I have a hook. The cans, most of them generously donated (I don't eat enough canned food to have a lot laying around), so I was saying the cans  help me keep my notions in order. The big tomato cans  (those I ate) are used to sort some of my threads.
Since I am organised, I keep all my scraps in a ziplock and they are of course organized by color. I also have a couple of bags of unused  fabric strips that are oganized by width. I had not though of all these things to do by myself -like sorting the fabric strips, but I had read in several blogs people doing that, and to tell you the truth it's very practical.
I will tell you, maybe next week what kind of cotton fabric I have in my stash (since I can't talk about my projects just now, but you will only have to wait until Christmas, and then you will see), well I will probably not really talk about it, but show you pictures instead, it will rest some of you and others will be happy not to have any text to read at all and they won't need to fell as guilty for only looking at the pictures. :p

I have other ideas on things I would like to add to be able to put more stuff in my sewing room like this

and this for quilting with my sewing machine
I am also probably going to add some stuff like the way the threads are organized here