Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't Peek


I know that you have all been waiting for this post impatiently, yes don't deny it I know it's true. I have been waiting to show you what I did, it took a lot of will power for me not to show you before, but the force was with me, that and I wanted you to keep on checking my posts (if someone, apart from my husband is reading them of course, I can't know since I don't get feed back... hint hint) and I also wanted you to get the surprise at the same time as Florian. Today he is turning 2 and guess what he had for his birthday? A car caddy you will tell me, well that's not all, remember I told you I had made that project from scraps from another project, well, it was for this big surprise. And it's a, don't look at the pictures I told you, not yet, read on.... Yes, I know you peeked you ruined the surprise, well it's a car playmat quilt. I found the idea here and adapted it so it would fit on my coffee table.

front (top) and back (bottom) of the car playmat quilt

Just so you know, it's my first finished quilt (I tried another one, but it's still a work in progress... I really need that quilting class) So it's far from being perfect, but it's made with love...  The quilting didn't turn out as bad I thought it would, and I was very tense when I started to quilt it by machine. I even told my husband before I went up that I might be in a bad mood when I got down from my sewing room, luckily for him it didn't turn out bad.

 I might show you pictures later at how I made the quilt, but I'm not sure if I want to write a post on that since I didn't take pictures of all the steps, but if you are interested, please let me know.

I hope my son will like it, at least it looks good in my dining room -that's why I didn't add yellow ribbon on the roads. I originally wanted to make the road black, but could not find a fabric (on sale of course) without little flowers on them, but the brown looks good too. I made it kind of reversible, but considering my quilting abilities, I think it will stay on one side only.
When I saw the original model, I thought it would be a good idea to put little pockets for the car, but since I wanted to be able to put it on my coffee table, I decided to make the car caddy instead, I don't know if you remember, but I put ribbon instead of velcro to close the caddy, and chose to put a long ribbon, well that was to be able to wrap the caddy around the quilt and be able to travel with it if we wanted to.

Playmat on the coffee table (left) - and now it's ready to go  (right)

I really hopes he likes it and plays with it.

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  1. It is very cool Marie!
    Please say happy birthday to Florian for us and give him a big hug. Keep us posted on how he is enjoying his gift!