Monday, October 18, 2010

Skinny leg Boopsie

I know I'm bad, I should have finished my quilt top this weekend, but when I was looking for another sewing project, I stumbled on this and simply could not resist and here is the result. I probably made a couple of mistakes (at least 8 since I made the legs smaller than planned, forgot to read a step in the tutorial. Oops), but it was a fun project. I will need a little someone to have her adopted, but I think I know just the one, and I hope she will like it. I added a rattle inside (a homemade rattle of course) and I hope it washes well.

Skinny leg Boospie, a friend of Oopsie's the Octupus
The turorial is very nice, the pattern is perfect, but I will do some things differently next time (I will have to make more since it was quick to make and the result  is really nice- despite my no so good pictures).
The way the legs are attached in the tutorial is a bit too complicated, not too complicated, but lets say I think there is a more simple way that would make it quicker and easier than the original tutorial. If you stuff the legs and attached two of them to each body pieces then attach each body pieces together I think the result would be the same, but of course quicker. I will keep you posted in the comments when I decide to make another one.

Check out the moda bake shop blog, a lot of tutorials and links to really cool web sites.

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