Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's on my bookshelf? Creative ideas for kids

Today, no post on quilting, yes I know what a surprise! I have been borrowing a few books at the library for children craft (I love, but really love my library). And I am going to talk to you, briefly (I wouldn't know how to do a book review, and I am sure you can find great ones on amazon or on Google) about two of them. I found these books really nice, both of them are from the same author Emma Hardy

Sewing for Children
Green Crafts for Children
Some of the ideas can be found on internet like:

Play dough (more recipes than the book)

What I really like with both books is that you can, at least I could, make the things with what you have at home, like using old T-shirts, wooden spoons and corks.... and they seem simple enough to do with young and not so young kids. If you can I would check them out at the library. 
Good reading

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