Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas is early for me this year

quilting kit for
 husqvarna platinium 735
As you know I had my second quilting class  last Saturday (I will talk all about it in another post), well when I came home I was so eager to see if I could do the basting myself that I did the sandwiching for my small quilt (we did not have time to do it in class).
 I did it with the help of my husband and then, well I of course wanted to quilt it, but my sewing machine did not come with either a walking foot or a free motion foot, and that's when santa comes into the whole scheme. He ( by he of course I mean I) went to buy all three, oops that should of been  both presser feet, oh well I didn't have a 1/4 inch foot either and it came with the quilting package. Yay...

front (top) and back (bottom) of machine quilted
 wonky log cabin quilt (it's  the first time I do any quilting
and it actually looks like something)
Of course I had to try it (the walking foot)  right  away and you can see the result on your left. I was happy since the other ones I tried to quilt before like the car play mat didn't look very nice in the back. So I was really happy.

The quilting motifs on each block is different (well they actually go by pair since I ran out of imagination to do anything with a straight line) and here are the details of each blocks (so no more words from me only pictures -I can see you guys smiling already). Before I forget some of the quilting was inspired by this blog, which I will probably use as a reference when I will use my free motion foot.

spider web quilting motif -inspired by  this
but with straight lines

Spiral illusion quilting seen here.
I think this looks good on a wonky log cabin motif 

log cabing quilting -looks also good on my wonky log cabin,
 not so sure on the circle block, but you can't know if you don't try

another motif for my wonky log cabing give it a name if you want. I would love to try it on a whole quilt.

random parrallele lines for my wonky log cabin blocks

two different motifs for the quilting one is lattice (left) and the other one triangles.
The latice is too much work on a single block,  but I would probably do it on a whole quilt

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