Monday, November 15, 2010

Hopscotch quilt

Hopscotch quilt
Yes, it's a Hopscotch quilt. But why did I do one? Well it's quite simple when I was doing the small wonky playing along quilt, Florian always wanted to jump on the circle so it gave me the idea of making a Hopscotch quilt. I tried to find a pattern for one, but non existed. What was I to do? I had an idea for a quilt but no pattern would that stop me? No the only thing I had to do was make a pattern my self... So that's what I did.

The number squares are 12x12 and that's why my quilt ended up so big. The challenging parts were the too end blocks, I came with the template easily, but when I started the blocks,  I had to make them a couple of times since there always seem to be something wrong, cutting vertically instead horizontally, putting the fabric upside down (that was the case for the bottom block)...

The background shouldn't have been stripped, but when I bought the fabric I got my measures wrong and when I wanted to get more of the same fabric I wasn't able to find the same. I am actually happy that I got my measures wrong since the quilt looks really nice with the blue-turquoise background.
My favorite Hopscotch blocks
My favorite blocks are the one with the rocket and the star (I found the template here but did not add all the details) and the tree, I might add something on the left, but I'm not sure yet (I made the template for that one myself). I took the letters from a tutorial of a quilt that can be found here

I really had fun making this quilt top and hope I won't mess up the quilting and sandwiching part (I should do that part at the class if it's possible).

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