Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's on my bookshelf? Creative ideas for kids again

jingle-bell bracelet and silly glasses.
Thanks Teddy for modelling
Yes, today, I am going to talk to you again about a book that I like for crafty children and moms (or caretakers :p, but in my case definitely mom).

After borowing the couple of books I talked to you last week on creative ideas for kids, I decided to borrow more books on chlidren craft. And this morning, I was going through the books I borrowed  and I found this idea, the one where Teddy accepted to model. I could do this with what I had at home, bells (that where 85% off because they where from last year (you know, they change a lot from year to year, no really)) and some pipe cleaner yarn.

 new jumbo book of easy crafts 
I really had fun with Florian, I made the a couple of silly glasses and he made the jingle bell bracelets (I  held the bells and he threaded them). He went around all morning with both of them. I also had to wear the glasses we made.
The book is called new jumbo book of easy crafts. It's not as nice as the one I talked to you about last week, visually I mean, but it has tones, well 150 to be exact, of projects ideas to do with children using from old socks, mayo jar lids, egg carton, pipe cleaner yarn and much more, but basically a lot of things from the house.

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