Monday, November 1, 2010

What's sewing? Quilt and dry heating pad

chain piecing for my new quilt
So I finally put the border on the wonky playing along quilt (don't have any pictures thought), and I am now working on a new idea for the class (like I told you before, I was a bit disappointed at the size of the quilt).

I made a pattern for another quilt (I won't show you just yet) and made the first blocks, and of course, I had to do them again since I got some of the measurements wrong. But now that I got them correct, after a little tweaking, I am chain piecing as you can see on the picture.

In between I also made a dry heating pad since mine of course leaked on the couch  (but didn't make that much of a mess even if it wasn't a dry heating pad, since I discovered it quickly). It was  really a coincidence since a tutorial was published in one of the blogs I follow (I think it's only in French thought), and I though I would be nice to make one too. I didn't follow the tutorial at all and made the heating pad with left over fabric I had in my stash. and here is the result.

dry heating pad
I didn't only put rice in it since I wanted to use the buckwheat I bought that neither I nor my husband liked and added some chamomile and lavender  herbal tea I had at home for the sent. It works well, and I have been using it a lot this week (mostly because I like the warmth not that I am injured of anything).

My class is in a little less than 2 weeks, so I have to go work in my sewing room if I want it finished by then (but I have to wait until my son falls asleep which apparently is not going to happen today).

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