Monday, November 29, 2010

Where magic happens or sewing workshop

sewing workshop
Since today I can't tell you what I have been working on this week,  I wanted to show you where it all happens. As some of you know and most of you don't, I use to have my sewing room in my cold cold not so welcoming basement, but recently, we decided to rearrange the rooms upstairs and that's when I got my sewing room. Ever since it has been  up there, I have been very productive, in fact, a couple of weeks after moving the room upstairs I decided to write this blog. In these pictures, you will notice how clean and ordered it all seems, well that's an optical illusion (really, isn't it well done). No really it doesn't look like that often and you should see it after I have worked on a project for a while (or even a couple of hours, sometimes less), but it does look like sometimes when I want to start a project, but it does not last long.

I have a big cutting table, where the left side does not stay uncluttered very long and a small table where I have my sewing machine (Husqvarna  Viking Platinum 735). The shelf are perfect for storing my cotton fabric, (I should specify prewashed, since as soon as I buy the fabric I  prewash it so I don't have to ask myself if they are prewashed, I just know) and the feature I love the most is the pegboard that we put on the side of the shelf. I never lose my scissor or my rotary blade with it. The hooks are not peg board hooks but curtain hooks I had at home, I just bend them a bit more with pliers and I have a hook. The cans, most of them generously donated (I don't eat enough canned food to have a lot laying around), so I was saying the cans  help me keep my notions in order. The big tomato cans  (those I ate) are used to sort some of my threads.
Since I am organised, I keep all my scraps in a ziplock and they are of course organized by color. I also have a couple of bags of unused  fabric strips that are oganized by width. I had not though of all these things to do by myself -like sorting the fabric strips, but I had read in several blogs people doing that, and to tell you the truth it's very practical.
I will tell you, maybe next week what kind of cotton fabric I have in my stash (since I can't talk about my projects just now, but you will only have to wait until Christmas, and then you will see), well I will probably not really talk about it, but show you pictures instead, it will rest some of you and others will be happy not to have any text to read at all and they won't need to fell as guilty for only looking at the pictures. :p

I have other ideas on things I would like to add to be able to put more stuff in my sewing room like this

and this for quilting with my sewing machine
I am also probably going to add some stuff like the way the threads are organized here


  1. So jealous! This is an awesome place to work your magic: I wish you much joy and productivity! Mel x

  2. You know what you need to do now.