Friday, December 31, 2010

Finally Santa's workshop can reveal it's secrets

Overview of quiet book
I know this is the moment you all have been waiting for since Christmas, and it has finally arrived: I can show you what I have been doing for Christmas.

I wanted to show  you right after Christmas, but due to special circumstances ( Paris does not know how to handle a little snow), the gifts only made it to my  nephews a couple of days ago. So you will get three posts, ant this one is the project I am the most eager to show you. It's a quiet book. It took me a while to do, not that there are a lot of technical difficulties, but apart from the mitten, I made most of the models myself (some where more than greatly inspired by what I saw on the web, but I made the patterns myself). When I started this project, I wanted several things including a zipper, snaps and buttons, and the picture shows you what I decided to do. I also wanted every thing to be attached one way or another to avoid loosing any parts (apart from the wheels, that are easy to do). I won't talk to much about it since I know you are all busy with the New year.

The mitten, is my least favorite page, but my nephew seemed to be having fun with it,
so I guess that was a success, I will give you the link to the pattern very soon (I will just edit this page)

These two pages are my favorite, I wanted something very personal for the car,and the 2CV
Charleston is my bother's in law car, and I thought it would be a nice touch.
The wheel eating monster, was inspired by a pattern that I saw on ESTY.

Peek a boo page. My son had fun playing with it. He of course was my beta tester for the entire book

I saw this idea on more than one quiet book, most where made with velcro,
but I wanted to try the snaps.

Aquarium inspired by one of my friend's quiet book,
Ok, not really one of my friend's quiet book, but more like her son's.

Happy New year 2011!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where magic happens or sewing workshop part 2

Last week, I talked to you about my sewing room, well this week I am going to do it again. Since I can't talk about what is happening in my workshop I have to find another subject. When I showed you my workshop last week I didn't tell you about all the details on how I keep my things organized, so I'm going to show you some things I found. Of course I used things that I could find at home

Tuna cans:
they are a great way to organize my boxes
and to find my pins, an notions...

Curtain hooks: 
As I told you last week they help me hold
my siccors, rotary cutters, quilt rullers...
and of course this picture is upside down 

Toilet paper rolls:
Yes, you can do many thing with those,
 beside the obvious, but once you finished
 the toilet paper of course, and I found that they
 were great to organize my patterns

Cable ties:
in case you were wondering what I used to
 hold the cans, well at home I had cable ties
 (at least I think that's what they are called)
laying around and I love to use them for
that sort of thing.
 and this is what it looks like up close from the back

Well of course my workshop gets
dirty very quickly, and if I don't
want all the mess to go every where in
 the house, I have to vacuum, but what is
 more annoying than vacuuming, well cables
 in your way so this is what
 I did so I didn't have to move the cables

Spice rack:
I use it to store my buttons, and other stuff
since I don't want to have to get them out
to discover what is in it I tape one item on the