Monday, January 24, 2011

handmade trestles tutorial

It's coming soon, I already have the pictures, but I just have to find the time to make the tutorial Stay tuned.

Monday, January 17, 2011

e-learning, or how to crochet.

My first Waldorf doll

For Christmas, I order a Waldorf
Waldorf doll hair in the making
 kit (also known by the name of Steiner dolls) form (it's a French web site)  to Santa (aka my parents in law).

I really had fun with it and can't wait to make a second one. I didn't have any particular difficulties making the body and the head, even though the head seemed really hard to make when I looked at the explanations on internet, well, let me tell you something, it's not as complicated as it seems. Never the less, I did have a big challenge, I had to learn how to crochet in order to make the wig, and that took me a while, I know how to knit but not how to crochet. So I simply googled it, and was able to learn form some videos on line. First the chain stitch, (the first 8 stiches only) thanks to this video Then, I had a hard time understanding what I needed to do in the pattern until I saw this video,, I didn't make a square thing, but  it made me understand the pattern.  It took me a while to make the crochet part of the wig, and I had to star over again more times than I will admit, but I am proud to say that I made my doll all by myself, and by hand (I made it at my parents in law and there are no sewing machine there so I didn't have a choice).

I know I should write a post about the other Christmas things I made, but I forgot to take pictures, and my sister still has not sent me the pictures so you will have to wait.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Something new

Imaginarium spiral train set

Today, no post about sewing, or quilting, but I just wanted to show you what my father in law made for my son to complete his Christmas present.
My son got two sets of wooden trains for Christmas, and I would have liked to have something like the spiral train set from imaginarium (or roller coaster set from thomas the train). So with my father in law, we tryed to see if we could come up with the trestles (I had to look that word up) and this is what I imagined and my father in law built. There are a couple of things that I will do differently next time to improve what we came up with (and I will probably make a tutorial for it since I was not able to find one on the web).
handmade trestles to make a spiral/roller coaster from any wooden train set
Thanks again to my father in law, my son had a lot of fun with it yesterday.